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What We Do

We design and prototype OEM and commercial products, specialising in Photonics applications. Below is a brief description of some of the services we offer.

Electro-Optical Design   Mechanical Engineering   Industrial Design   Hardware Prototyping   Software Development   Embedded Electronics   Sensor Design   Metrology   Technology Development  

Electro-Optical Design

We specialise in Photonics, which is the combination of optical design, electrical and mechanical engineering. We produce complete embedded solutions from concept prototypes to full fidelity pre-production prototypes, using in house precision manufacturing and test facilities.

Photonics Services Include: Electro-Optics embedded system design, Optical design, Photonics Integrated Circuit design, Simulation of optical systems, Photonics tolerance budget.

Electro Optical Systems
BreadBoard Optics System Development
MEMS Systems

Mechanical Engineering

The structural and mechanical components of a product have to be designed to survive a product’s life and also be manufacturable in a cost effective way. We use CAD and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) to develop and prototype parts and mould flow simulation to design injection moulded tooling. We simulate and test parts using a combination of finite element analysis (FEA) simulation and real stress and life-cycling testing.

With precision optical systems optical tolerances of mountings have to be carefully considered. They must account for environment factors, thermal expansion, as well as the precision limits of different manufacturing processes. We determine the tolerance budget of acceptable operation using optical design software, then engineer the optical mountings.

Mechanical Engineering Services: CAD, FEA structural and thermal analysis, product enclosure design, mechanical prototyping, Design for Manufacture, validation testing


Software Programming

Software is an integral part of making a system work, be it the control system or the user interface. We program software for desktop, embedded and mobile devices. This includes software for real-time data acquisition and control systems.

Software Services: iOS app Development, Embedded Systems Programming, Machine Vision, Field Programmable Gate Array for real time processing and data acquisition, Signal processing and algorithm development.


Embedded System Development

Complete photonic systems require the integration of electronic sensors and control systems. We design, prototype and develop custom electrical systems to control your product, including firmware and software. We make real time control and signal processing systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), and embedded microprocessors. We also rapidly prototype control systems using LabView.


Industrial Design and Prototyping

Considered Design in every aspect of a product’s development is crucial for market success and in particular when creating new technology solutions. Industrial design for technology must take an overarching view of the physical processes involved, the digital interface as well as the functionality, form factor and simplicity of use. Which is why everyone that works at mBryonics is design focused.

We rapidly make full fidelity prototypes using in-house precision manufacturing facilities. We find that the best way to design for manufacture is to prototype using manufacturing processes. See our machining Facilities.

Design and prototyping Services: Concept development, Product prototyping, Interaction design (UX, UI), Human factors, Product invention and ideation, Product Rendering



Optical alignment tolerances can leave extremely little room for error. We use a number of precision measurment technologies to validate purchased and in house manufactured components including interferometry, and computer numerical controlled (CNC) touch probing.

For measurement and the alignment of optical assemblies we use a combination of Optical Wavefront sensing, interferometry, and point spread function measurements. We also partner with the local University, NUIG for access to some of their more advanced metrology facilities such as white light interferometry for surface roughness measurements.

Where possible when making components we use the same machines that produce the parts to also measure them, which reduces measurement errors introduced when changing work holding. This also speeds up the manufacturing process validation.

Metrology: Interferometry for optical, Touch probe 3D scanning, Non contact 3D scanning, Wavefront sensing, Spectrometry, Power meters UV - IR.


Technology Development

If you have a technical challenge that you would like to advance we have almost two decades of experience in research and development.

We specialise in transferring new technology innovations from the University environment into product level environment, whether it is for an OEM subsystem, or as a pre-production prototype.

Our strong technical background means that we can grasp complex concepts quickly. Our practical background means that we can assess realistic time frames for the development and testing of working solutions.

We have a tight integration of engineering and physics, two disciplines that when working together are able to advance the pace of development and research in tandem. We strive for a lean and rapid technology development process.

Academic but without the pain. We have been in the trenches of research many times before moving seemingly intractable problems. Mbryonics came about to provide clients the necessary access to the wealth of knowledge and facilities that comes with academia/academic institutions but to deliver it in a client focused and engineering driven way. The result: a much faster, leaner and cost effective prototype development schedule designed to meet the client’s needs. This is what happens when the world of physics meets the world of engineering.


Sensor Design

Sensors come in many shapes and sizes depending on their application. Opto-electronic sensors are often used for non-contact measurement, non-destructive testing, material analysis, and the measurement of physical or chemical processes. We develop custom precision sensors for fluorometry, interferometry, spectroscopy, and positioning systems.

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