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About mBryonics

We formed mbryonics with a mission to break academic research out of the bureaucracy and constraints of Universities and into the more fluid and dynamic world of Industrial Design.

We are a small team of Scientists, Engineers and Designers based in Galway city, on the west coast of Ireland, that work together to bring advanced technology to market. We have honed an efficient development pipeline working on our own technology products. If you have a challenging project, we offer a complete solution from concept to production.

We specialise in photonics, which is the combination of light sources (e.g. LEDs, lasers), optical design, lens systems, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering. Our product design team and in-house manufacture enable us to take a prototype from the research bench right through to design and prototyping for pre-production.

We produce complete embedded solutions from concept prototypes to full fidelity pre-production prototypes, using in-house precision manufacturing and test facilities.

We have nearly two decades of experience in research and product development on some of the most challenging technology projects. The skill and ingenuity we bring is finding cost effective solutions to new technical challenges. We regularly collaborate with and consult for teams that need photonics and Industrial design expertise; from early stage path finding, to later product commercialisation stage. We find that good design in the early stages of product development and informed decisions on component parameters and physical processes are key to successful technology product development. We collaborate closely to identify the key problems and opportunities while bringing the input from our multidisciplinary team and our years of experience to the table.

Please get in touch for a consultation and see how we can help to advance your project.

If you would like to know more about working with us please see our services and facilities, as well as our typical development process.


Our photonics background comes from having spun out of the NUIG, Applied Optics Group in 2011 as a consultancy group called Optical R&D. We then incorporated as mBryonics in 2014, to develop our own photonic products while continuing to offer our commercial design and research services to others. Ireland is a has a long history in the area of photonics research and we work in conjunction with the many centres of excellence such as IPIC.

Core Skills

Adaptive Optics
Photonic Integrated Circuits
Software development for both embedded, mobile, and desktop devices;
Industrial Design
Sensing and metrology technologies
Photonics Simulations
Signal Processing
Algorithms Development
Real-Time Measurement and Control
Mechanical Engineering
Machine Vision
and Robotics.

We work to ISO 9001:2008 for product design and prototyping. We have applied these skills to wide range of projects such as: Endoscopic sensor design, precision CNC Machinery, Computer vision for Robotic Milking Parlours, Free Space Broadband Optical Communication, embedded FPGA controlled high speed Adaptive Optics system, and custom Optical Wavefront Sensor design, to name just a few esoteric projects. See our Work for some our previous work


Metrology: Interferometry for optical, Touch probe 3D scanning, Non contact 3D scanning, Wavefront sensing, Spectrometry, Power meters UV - IR.

Fabrication: SLA, FDM, and inkjet 3D printing. CNC 5 axis vertical mill, Laser marking, Lathe. Hard and soft mould tooling.

Local partners facilities: CNC WaterJet, Injection Moulding, White light interferometry, CE and medical device validation testing.

Optics breadboarding
FEA Simulation
Rapid Prototyping
LabView Prototyping